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Coir Products- An Ecological Aid

Coir Netting- As Soil Stabilizer

A highly durable, long lasting organic netting is the key requirement for any customers to opt for, where EcoNet Coir Netting is in the lead, that renders an optimal surface protection and longevity stay.

They are economical eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, easy installable netting available.

Coco netting are fabricated by entwining of single or double yarns woven by looms into Coir Net, that are often woven along with straw mulch.

It is ranked among the reliable Erosion Control products, by pertaining

  •  Stability in the areas of high fluctuation like bank, slope, hill, wetlands while intercepting the run down water establishing a dense plantation.
  • Forms a wind and moisture barrier by enclosing large surfaces of high flow/ slow grow area, in inhibiting drying of top soil and seeds.
  • By adding the underlying Coir filter, it further provides robust surface protection.
  • Its strong, flexible, durable nature enabled vegetation reinforcement.
  • By an expanded life span (3-5 years) it equips slow nurture of vegetation.
  • Their phenomenal decaying yields in flourishing of top soil. 

Also will dissipate water currents, intakes excess of solar radiation, thus presenting as Soil-bioengineering tool. In ecological means, it helps lower the Carbon footprint in that area.

All put together, it is a tailor-made product to pique an interest in consumers.

Coir Log- For Soil Amendment 

A naturally extracted fibrous log is 100% environmental friendly and self-degradable.

The origin of coco logs is driven from an enclosure of intertwined braids of compact coconut coir (Coir Web) by an exterior coco mesh Netting.

Coco logs are favorable for geo bio-engineering purposes.

In Restoration Projects, coco logs are mainly deployed in the region of sloppy landscapes, in-touch areas with waves and water current (highly unstable) through establishing a new wetland plantation.

They form effective Construction Check points, in exhibiting superior tensile strength, high durability while retaining substrate and filtrating debris.

It is a strongly in-led, flexible log employed in various circumstances, depicted as

  •  Efficient in Erosion Controlling, as far as holding the soil intact, in the means of establishing dense plantations in lane by building up a wider contour.
  • While imparting an unparalleled support for surrounding vegetation by providing nourishment, creating microclimate for germination of seeds.
  • It is permeable to air and water making a beneficiary bone for aqua-terrestrial species as an easy survival.
  •  Also shielding the surrounding wild inhabitants against water-borne catastrophe.

Coco logs are tailor-made for their superior long lasting, about 2-5years, unhurried degrading nature, for facilitating vegetation growth as compost fertilizer.