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A Guide On Taking Care Of Pet : Tokay Gecko

Tokay Geckos are the second largest type of geckos. They are very interesting pets and are popular for their bright colours with the vivid spots.

If you are someone with a Tokay Gecko or want to know more about these creatures, then keep reading.

Let us know more about Tokay Geckos.

Tokay Geckos:

Tokay Gecko Normal morph male Tokay Gecko tokay geckos stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Tokay geckos are also known as Gekko Gecko, belonging to the genus Gecko and the family Gekkonidae. Mostly found in south east Asia. 

They have a colourful skin, a bluish grey colour with vibrant reddish orange spots all over. Usually male geckos are brighter in colour than females.

They live on trees and often make a typical croaking sound To-kay! and hence the name Tokay Gecko.

It is believed that they bring good luck and prosperity. But despite this, they possess medicinal properties hence are always targeted. The geckos are killed and dried to prepare powder or a tonic out of them which is believed to cure asthma,cancer, diabetes etc.

If you are planning to have a Tokay Gecko as your pet and want to buy one make sure that you keep certain things in your mind.

1.A big No to wild caught Gecko as they are very aggressive.

2.It’s better to procure from a breeder

3.Choose a healthy Gecko which is active, well behaved, and with a round tail and clear skin without any wounds or lesions.


Tokay Gecko, Gekko Gecko Macro photograph of the head of a tokay gecko tokay geckos stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Always make sure that your pet gecko has a separate housing and not to be placed in your bedroom.

A tank large as 20 gallons would be sufficient for a single Tokay Gecko as they are quite large. You may need a larger tank if you wish to place multiple geckos.

It would be great if you create a branch kind of environment in their housing as they love climbing and it helps to keep them involved.


Tokay Geckos prefer temperatures of 27 to 32 degrees Celsius in the day and 21 to 27 degrees Celsius at night.

Heating pads can be used to maintain the temperature that your pet prefers.


A hygrometer can be used to maintain the humidity.

Generally the Tokay Geckos prefer humidity of around 70%. Make sure that the humidity doesn’t fall below 60%.

A substrate can be placed at the bottom of the tank to maintain the humidity.

A natural coco based substrate would be great as they are 100% natural, biodegradable, eco friendly and smooth. EcoBed Reptile Bedding is the best bedding that you can use to keep your pet healthy.

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As the Tokay Geckos are more active during the night time, a red bulb can be installed.


They mainly feed on insects like grasshoppers, moths etc. 

Food with high Calcium : Phosphorous ratio and high protein is great. Avoid high fat food. Pink mice and a few other insects can also be included in the diet.

Make sure to place a vessel filled with water near the tank for the hydration.

Maintaining health:

It is always better to consult a veterinarian every 3 to 4 months in order to maintain the healthy and happy life of your pet.

Tokay Geckos are susceptible to parasitic infections.

Handle them with care and not to be over cuddled as they might get furious.


We hope this helped you.

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