Coco coir is the outer shell, the husks of a coconut. It protects the coconut flesh and sweet coconut milk from the hot salty environment coconuts usually grow in. The husks are ground down after the coconut flesh and milk are extracted by other industries. We take the remaining product and separate the fine coco coir, the coco fibers and coco chips so that we can mix them again according to our customer’s needs.

Depending on how “wet” your animal is and how the coconut bedding is maintained, your product should last at least two months all the way up to 6 months. We recommend completely stripping and replacing your product every 4-6 months.

It is perfectly safe, non-toxic, organic plant substance. However, due to its highly absorbent, moisture attracting properties, most animals will find it to drying and spit it back out.

The unique structure of the tiny fibers in the coconut coir interlock like a loose web causing it not to blow away in the wind like traditional shavings. An initial watering down with a hose of the newly laid down product will help enable this.

Coconut coir has the ability to draw in and lock impurities to its center and not leach them back out into the surrounding environment, holding in odor causing, pest elements that attract pests, despite rain, raking or being walked on. Assuring a clean, fresh environment for the life of your product.

The cool thing about coco is that it can be reused as organic manure for your garden after using it in stalls and  it can work with a variety of grow styles with impressive results. For this guide we will focus on good old hand watering, just like you would using soil. A good mix is equal parts (50:50) coco & soil.

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