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Choosing Best Bedding For Your Horse


Have you ever considered different options for your horse’s bedding? Would you want to test with a less messy and simpler to keep in your barn and shed? Maybe you’re looking to improve your compost pile and want to discover how horse bedding affects that? 

It’s critical to choose the proper sort of stall bedding for your horse’s health, comfort, and safety. There are several options available, ranging from classic straw and wood shavings to modern alternatives like rubber mats, making it difficult for horse owners to choose. Coconut Bedding is one of the natural and safest bedding options you may choose.

Whatever type of bedding you choose, it must keep your horses warm, dry, secure, and healthy.

There are various equine materials available. Before choosing the bedding you have to check the criteria for selecting the finest horse bedding for you and your horse.  In prior to avoiding any mishaps in the near future, let us take primary measures before preparing them a bed. 

Must read top 9 measures to be taken before laying bedding for your affectionate equines.

Here’s Common Bedding Options

Coconut Bedding

Coco bedding is made of 100% natural, biodegradable and environment-friendly, coconut coir husks, that far outperforms conventional material. Derived from coconut shells, this renewable material is soft and spongy. The fibrous material acts as insulators and offers a cushion- like comfort. The powdery peat material is a super absorbent and absorbs all the urine, lasts longer and emits less odor. We recommend EcoBed Equine Bedding is a highly comfortable, eco-friendly bedding. EcoBed is Safe, light weight, non-dust, allergen free, 100% naturally driven bed from finely Cultured Coconut Husk.


  • Holds up to five times of its weight in urine.
  • Cellulose structure traps the stringy ammonia odor in the urinated bed.
  • Repels flies, even when the bedding is soiled.
  • Low hoofed impact, imparts spongy-cushion bedding.
  • Used bedding can be composted and reused in garden and landscaping.


  • May attract mites and bugs over time


For mares and young foals, clean straw is ideal. Some horses may consume straw bedding, which can be an issue if your horse is on a diet. Oat straw is not only more absorbent than wheat straw, but it is also more delicious. Any straw you use should be free of mould and dust. Saturated straw is difficult to clear out, and separating the manure from the clean bedding can take a long time, slowing down the cleaning process. A box stall should be appropriately bedded with two bales. During cold weather or in preparation for foaling, you may wish to add more.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It looks great and gives off a natural vibe.
  • It decomposes into wonderful garden manure.


  • It causes allergic reactions in certain horses.
  • Some horses eat this bedding, which is not good.

Wood Pallets

Wood pellets are wood shavings that have been compressed and dried. Cleaning stalls using wood pellets, which break down into fluffy, absorbent wood shavings, is simpler for many individuals, and there is less waste bedding. The cost may be higher at first than wood shavings, but because there is so much less waste, the cost may be balanced out. The pellets appear hard and unappealing, yet a squirt from the water hose transforms them into fluffy bedding.


  • This type of bedding has a high absorption capacity.
  • Composting without dust is faster than shavings or straw.
  • It is completely dust free and eco-friendly bedding option.


  • When in pellet form, it might be slick.
  • When putting down the bedding, you’ll need to add water, which takes time.

Shredded Paper

Shredded paper is an excellent option if your horse chews his bedding. It isn’t dusty, however it is possible that the inks will cause skin allergies. Because paper is so absorbent, it will easily wick away moisture. It also decomposes fast, allowing your manure mound to decrease as it dries and decomposes.


  • It is affordable.
  • Dust-free and unpalatable – an excellent alternative for horses with allergies.
  • It creates a warm bed.
  • Wrapped bales are simple to handle and store since they are clean.


  • It’s important to keep an eye on the bed to make sure it doesn’t get too wet.
  • Easily blown around, resulting in an unkempt appearance.

Rubber Mats

Horses sleep on hard surfaces in their natural form and do not require a soft and comfortable bed, making rubber mats perfect for use in stables. They can save time and effort while mucking out by providing a strong yet comfortable surface with good absorption and cushioning. Rubber mats can be used alone or in conjunction with other bedding. Rubber mats, when used on their own, are unsightly and offer little to prevent a horse from getting cast. We recommend Stable Mats, They are of 100% high quality rubber mats obtained by re-vulcanization and recycling.


  • Protects against capped hocks, etc. by providing a comparably soft non-slip foundation.
  • It’s simple to clean up and can be hosed down.


  • It’s not aesthetically pleasing.
  • In the winter, it might look chilly and dry slowly.


Hemp is non-allergenic, biodegradable, and dust-free than traditional beddings, thereby enhancing stable conditions and preserving horses’ and owners’ respiratory systems. They also claim to have greater odour absorption, faster breakdown, and more absorbency. Hemp’s greater thermal rating may be beneficial to those who live in colder regions, since it keeps horses warm while they sleep.


  • It is high absorbent and dust free material.
  • Lightweight and simple to muck out.
  • It quickly decomposes into fine compost.
  • Wrapped bales are simple to handle and store since they are clean.


  • Relatively Expensive

Wood Shavings

Shavings are a popular bedding option for horses. To pull dung out of the shavings without removing too much bedding, a special manure fork is required. As you spread the bedding, keep an eye out for wood splinters. Black walnut shavings can create serious issues, therefore softwood shavings are preferred. If you’re buying shavings from a local woodworker or timber mill, make sure you know what kind you’re getting. In a stall, about four inches of bedding makes it pleasant. You can use less stall mats if you utilise them.


  • It’s readily available in local store.
  • Easy to handle and store.


  • This bedding material is difficult to dispose.
  • Wet shavings causes ammonia.


Getting the appropriate bedding may be a trial and error affair. If you don’t like one type of bedding and want to try something else. Coconut Bedding is highly comfortable, eco-friendly bedding and it’s completely safe for your horse. The modern Stable Mats are 100% high quality rubber mats and non–slippery, non-abrasive, yielding a stable footing for the living. Whatever bedding you pick for your horses, it must keep them warm, dry, safe, and healthy.

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Choosing Best Bedding for your Reptile Pets

We usually regard the well being of our pets in all aspects, including their feeds, health, rest but sometimes we unknowingly disregard the fact that pets are by fact animals that prefer natural surroundings rather than our superficial arrangements like artificial plaything, cushion beds and more.

Creating natural-safe environments is the foremost thing you do for your pets, and choosing a safer-healthier-organic bedding ranks first in it. 

Reptile pets seek more natural habitat for themselves than any other pets. Most of the reptiles prefer beddings of nesting material and fluffy under foot in terrariums. 

Reptiles appreciate a warm and mild humidity living environment the most. And choosing a bedding with the right attribute will make a bigger impact on their daily well-being and as well their lifespan. 

Variety of Reptile bedding choices on stores are, 

Bark Blends

The bark blends are perfect enough to encourage the burrowing nature of reptiles. It promotes free movement of air and retaining moisture, which is essential for pet’s habitats. Bark blends eliminate insects and pests,  being more absorbent and maintain humidity inside out.


·   Promotes heat transfer and regualtes moisture inside the enclosure,

·   100% organic, made out of natural bark,

·   Easy to eliminate pests,

·   Ideal bedding depth of about 1 to 2 inches, remove-replace bedding whenever needed,

·   Ideal for chameleons, frogs, snakes, skinks and rainforest geckos.

Coarse Blends

These coarse blend bedding are 100 % natural walnut shell grounds. Light-weighted, non-abrasive, gives off a smooth texture. This kind of blend acts as an excellent heat conduction substrate and is suitable for desert reptiles.


·   Grounded walnut shells replicate best desert environment,

·   Non-abrasive unlike sand,

·   Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviour,

·   Ideal bedding depth of about 1 to 2 inches, remove-replace bedding monthly,

·   Ideal for desert dwelling reptiles such as: adult bearded dragons, monitors and desert skinks.

Fine Blends

A fine blend for snakes and lizards are absolutely soft textured and chosen by professional herpetologists. The fully processed fine blended chips are ultra absorbent and hypo allergen that are 100% safe and natural.


·   Recommended grade for snakes and lizards,

·   Soft and smooth texture,

·   Hypo-allergenic, and are safe and natural,

·   User-friendly-easy to clean and use,

·   Ideal for snakes, monitors, skinks and geckos.

Coconut Husk

A 100% natural, organic compressed coco coir pith that expands 10x times when hydrated. It makes up an ideal environment for reptiles for laying eggs and encourages burrowing. It maintains humid temperatures, regulates air in and out, and retains moisture longer than others.


·   100% natural, organic, made of coconut fiber,

·   Highly absorbent, retains moisture longer and expands upto 10x times of its volume,

·   Keeps terrarium humid and provides superior aeration,

·   Ideal bedding depth of about 1 to 2 inches, remove-replace bedding whenever needed,

·   Ideal for chameleons, rainforest geckos, frogs, toads and egg incubation.

Terrarium Liners

A roll down carpet, specially designed to lay inside the enclosure/terrarium. Made out of highly absorbent, non-abrasive material which is soft to pet’s feet. Treated with biodegradable enzymes to keep reptiles in check. And a reusable one. You can cut and adjust to the size of your enclosure and it is safe even if the reptiles ingest the liners. 


·   Requires less maintenance, cut to the size of your need,

·   Safe even the reptiles ingested them, a good alternative especially for juvenile reptiles,

·   Treated to reduce odours,

·   Easy to clean, non-abrasive material that is soft to feet of reptiles,

With these as said, we hope all our fellow reptile pet lovers enjoyed reading an optimal bedding choices for your beloved pets ????

Please feel free to leave us comments, suggestion and cues on interested topics you wanna read.