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Nutrition Management in Reptiles

If you own a pet reptile and you want to know more about the nutrition management in reptiles then you are in the right space. 

In this article let us explain to you about nutrition management in reptiles. 

Proper nutrition has to be provided in order to keep the reptile healthy and happy living. Different species follow different nutrition systems and it is always important for the pet owners to know which one suits well for their pets. 

Nutrition in Reptiles:

Different types of reptiles follow different food patterns and it is essential to fulfill their needs. Also few species should be made to understand their food patterns. Whenever multiple reptiles are placed in an area, owners should make sure that all the reptiles are provided with their resources and there is no competition among themselves.

In the column below, the concentration of nutrients for each type of the reptile is mentioned.

NutrientConcentration required in Herbivorous ReptilesConcentration required in Carnivorous ReptilesConcentration required in Omnivorous Reptiles
Vitamin A5,000–10,000 IU/kg15,000 IU/kg
Vitamin B120.020 ppm0.025 ppm
Biotin70–100 ppb400 ppb
Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)500–1,000 IU/kg500–1,000 IU/kg
Copper5–8 ppm15 ppm
Crude protein19%–22%35%–50%20%–25%
Folacin200–800 ppb6,000 ppb
Iron60–80 ppm200 ppm
Iodine0.3–0.6 ppm0.3–0.4 ppm
Riboflavin2–4 ppm8 ppm
Zinc50 ppm130 ppm

Mentioned some of the types of plant foods that can be provided to the reptiles and their composition in percentage in the column below.

Food ItemCalcium (%)Phosphorous (%)Protein (%)Fat (%)Energy (kcal/g)Dry Matter (%)
Image of hungry Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermanni) diet, tortoise food, feeding and eating cauliflower florette, healthy pet tortoises diet guide and caring Stock photo showing a Hermann's tortoise in an indoor enclosure eating float of cauliflower. reptile nutrition stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

In the column below some of the animal food types and their composition in percentage is mentioned.

Food ItemCalcium (%)Phosphorous (%)Protein (%)Fat (%)Energy (kcal/g)Dry Matter (%)
Egg, whole0.050.2212.310.91.4725.2
Adult mice0.840.6119.868.812.07
Asian baby water lizard on a wood platform near river in srilankan river. selective focus Asian baby water lizard on a wood platform near river in srilankan river. selective focus carnivorous reptiles stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


We hope this was useful for you.

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