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How to Improve your Horsemanship?

Do you want to be a fantastic rider?

 Are you working on it?

You want to improve your Horsemanship skills?

Then you are in the right place. In this blog let us explain to you about a few things that you need to take care of to improve your horsemanship and emerge as an outstanding rider.

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Here are some of the main points that you need to understand.

1. Having a Positive Attitude towards the Horse

2. Maintaining a Journal

3. Referring important books related to equines

4. Maintaining Fitness

5. Consistency

6. Don’t be rude towards your Horse

7. Go with the flow

Let us explain to you one by one.

1. Having a Positive Attitude towards the Horse:

The best way to build a healthy relationship with the equine is being positive. Your positive attitude makes your pet more comfortable. Your equine expects you to be happy around them. Try to maintain peace between the pet and master so that the bonding will be stronger.

2. Maintaining a Journal:

We understand that being a rider and maintaining a journal is a task in spite of the heavy workouts and exercises. 

But it is better to just sit down and note all the to-do lists, goals and equine endeavors. This makes your life easier as sometimes you may fail to recollect any of the jobs.

Reading at least a few pages in a day can help you gain some knowledge about the horse and how you can implement it in your pet.

Some of the recommendations:

  • The Motivational Manifesto
  • Centered Riding 2
  • Fitness In Motion
  • Fitness In Motion
  • The New Total Rider

4. Maintaining Fitness:

Fitness is absolutely important for a rider. There are a lot of videos on youtube which helps you to improve your flexibility. Certain exercises help you to achieve core strength, hips and lower back flexibility etc.

5. Consistency:

Being consistent is very important when you are training a horse. Always make sure that you don’t teach any wrong lessons and confuse your horse later. Be particular about what you want to teach and how you want him to be. 

Being careless about the lessons might make your horse clueless and confused. Therefore be consistent about the teachings and never let him feel confused.

6. Don’t be rude towards your Horse:

Whenever your horse makes a mistake or misses any cue, do not scare him or smack him which may result in him being nervous. 

And demanding for a lot of repetition may make the horses bored or something they start performing their own things.

Therefore be mindful of your behavior with the horse and occasionally implement some rewards whenever he does his job.

7. Relax:

Just be relaxed and go with the flow. It is said that a relaxed rider makes a better horse. Enjoy your ride in the pageant. This will help to lower the stress. Have a smile on your face and be confident which gives a good impression to the judges.

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Dedication and hardwork is the key. Consider all the above mentioned points and you will definitely see the difference. 

We hope you find this article useful. Happy Reading!!

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