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EcoBed Equine Bedding 100L/10KG


EcoBed Equine Bedding is a highly comfortable, eco-friendly bedding. EcoBed is Safe, light weight, non-dust, allergen free, 100% naturally driven bed from finely Cultured Coconut Husk.

  • EcoBed assures a fully odor control, convenient disposable and absolute absorbance.
  • EcoBed delivers a long-lasting, economically feasible bedding ever.

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Horses are adaptive runners, possessing an excellent sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight response. Horses are poly-phasic sleepers, which means they have multiple, discrete sleep episodes in a 24-hour period. Time budgets show that horses spend one to three hours (adding up all sleep episodes) in a 24hour period lying down, in both sternal (upright) and lateral (flat on side) resting posture.

Facilitating one good rest is the at-most priority for any care taker to begin with, keeping the horse healthy and it’s stall clean is quite another challenge.

Traditional straw and shavings have been used as stall bedding for ages. The offensive odor, rising labor costs and manure pollution are common problems. These horse farms are slowly turning out to be a nuisance to the public.

Since then a sophisticated bedding was in need, Coir bedding contributed an immense pleasure for every stall keeper.

Coir bedding ensures an ideal comforting, odor inhabitance and weighs less.

Keeping that in mind, our Horse Bedding will ensue an easily accessible, comfort lending economically feasible bedding. We offer a customized bedding for buyers to choose from. So let us start exploring for equine comfy with our Barnyard for more comprehensive decision making.

Coco Bedding:

Coco bedding is made of 100% natural, biodegradable and environment-friendly, coconut coir husks, that far outperforms conventional material. Derived from coconut shells, this renewable material is soft and spongy. The fibrous material act as insulators and offer a cushion- like comfort. The powdery peat material is a super absorbent and absorb all the urine, last longer and emits less odor.


  • Holds up to five times of its weight in urine.
  • Cellulose structure traps the stringy ammonia odor in the urinated bed.
  • Repels flies, even when the bedding is soiled.
  • Low hoofed impact, imparts spongy-cushion bedding.
  • Used bedding can be composted and reused in garden and landscaping.


  • Coconut coir fiber.


  • Pour the EcoBed all into the stall area and spread evenly.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in