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EcoBed Snake Husk – Adult Snakes 11Lbs Compress Block


EcoBed Snake Husk bedding is an 100% eco-friendly exotic bedding type provided for snakes’ comfort, made out of refined coconut husk chips. (Note: Coco chips 12-15mm)

  • Retains higher moisture in air, softer, safer and a biodegradable.
  • Mold resistant, natural absorbent, dust free and lasts long.
  • Suits best for every kind of serpents’ domain.
  • Economical and user friendly.

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Snake Husk Coco bedding is made of 100% natural, biodegradable and environment-friendly, coconut coir husks, that far outperforms conventional material. Derived from coconut shells, this renewable material is soft and spongy. The fibrous material act as insulators and offer a cushion- like comfort. The powdery peat material is a super absorbent and absorb all the urine, last longer and inhibits odor.

Coconut husk is the best and most convenient lay down as a serpent bedding. These are 100% organic husk, composed of coir fiber, which are highly sustainable, renewable, would be convert into an expandable substrate when placed in water.

• This natural extract is completely devoid of toxics and are absolutely biodegradable.

• It can retain the moisture in air to its maximum and can hold up to 10 times of water, when soaked.

• It is a soft substrate with no fear of implication, symbolically ideal for egg incubation.

• The husky layer gives comfort for the snakes while burrowing, thus giving a content of rest.

• It includes all its way of absorbing water and waste produced by the snake, leaving behind an odorless, non-abrasive and reusable substrate.

• It is vital in time restrained, easy go and tidy environment.


  • Holds up to five times of its weight in urine.
  • Cellulose structure traps the stringy ammonia odor in the urinated bed.
  • Repels flies, even when the bedding is soiled.
  • Low hoofed impact, imparts spongy-cushion bedding.
  • Used bedding can be composted and reused in garden and landscaping.


  • Coconut coir


  • Spill the Ecobed husk all over the container and spread evenly.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in